Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wagner College -Staten Island -NYC here we come

So it feels like we're on a little bit of a roller coaster ride right now but I wanted to stop in and update all of you on our future plans. I will do all of our upcoming events in order. Sean is graduating with a BS in Human Biology next Saturday on May 16th from UC Merced and then we will be packing up our apartment, selling the majority of our furniture and putting the rest in storage until the end of the summer. Then we are flying Sean out to NYC to attend a summer session at Wagner College on Staten Island were he's been accepted as a Graduate Student in Microbiology. The session is about a month long and so I think he'll stay in a dormatory (hahhaaa) like a freshman with a roomate and a dining card which I'm still getting a kick out of. I mean he's 28, married with kids and he's staying in a dorm just hilarious, anyhoo that's that from June 1st to June 28th. The kids and I will be moving home with the grandparents and then Sean will come home at the end of June. I might fly out to meet him for a week sometime in June but I'm nervous to leave the little ones. Next up we'll be living and playing in Camarillo/ Carpinteria for a few of months (excited to be by the ocean for 3 whole months) and then sometime in August we'll pack up our vehicles and head out to NYC for Sean's school. We are beyond exstatic about our future and we just can't wait to start this new chapter in our lives.