Sunday, November 28, 2010

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

John and Tanya Gough (good friends in NYC).

Alton Brown from The Food Network.

Jimmy Fallon and his late night crew.

Spider-Man= Memphis' hero

Woke up at 2:30am. Left our house at 3:30am. Caught the 4am Ferry from Staten Island to Manhattan. Carried 10lbs of food, two camping chairs, 4 blankets, snow pants, camera, jackets, hats and lots of water all on a double stroller. Arrived at our viewing spot at 5:30am. We were up front and had the best seats in the house. We got McDonald's around 6:30am and took naps until the parade started at 9:30am. It was the coolest thing to be in front and to be so close to the balloons and floats. The kids loved it. I have to admit though that it was very loooooong like two hours long. We were all very happy to see Santa at the end which meant the parade was over!

Merrick's Pajama Day & Class Party

I couldn't resist making Merrick some Thanksgiving pajamas for his Pajama Day at school. It was the day before Thanksgiving break so they were going to have a Thanksgiving party on that day too.
I transferred a picture of a turkey he had colored in class onto a t-shirt.

Some turkey print pajama bottoms.

Merrick and Ms. K (his teacher). She had each of the kids come up and talk about what they were thankful for and Merrick said "I'm thankful for my big turkey feast" which I'm assuming was the party in his classroom.

Merrick bringing me his "Thankful for:" picture which consisted of a hand print in paint that was turned into a turkey. That smile just melts my heart.

Sewing Bug

I've got the sewing bug again and it's all for little girl dresses. I've failed to mention over these past five months that we're pregnant with baby #3 and the doctor says he'd put money on it that
it's a girl. I will find out for sure what we're having on Wednesday but for now a MAYBE on the girl is just FINE with me. I love my boys and I will probably have plenty more rambunctious little bambinos in the future but for now a girl will suit our family just fine. I made these little dresses for one of my friends who has two daughters.

Turkey hats at Playgroup

Getting ready for Thanksgiving with some cute turkey hats a friend of mine put together for playgroup.

Fun Stuff

The boys doing one of their favorite things: Face Painting.

Bobo the Sock Monkey, the newest addition to our family.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween Day (Sunday)

Church Trunk-or-Treat (Saturday)

We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend. My two little skeletons sure did.

Merrick's Quilt

I finally finished it. Yeahhh! I made this log cabin quilt for Merrick with pictures of all the people who love him to keep him warm and snug when he had to take naps at school. He goes to a pretty fancy public pre-school and although I love the school it's an all day program and I worry that he will miss us after being home all these years. So I decided to make him a special blanket, something that he can look at if he doesn't feel too tired or can cover him up if he does decide to get a little shut eye (which he does by the way, so they say). I, of course, was very nervous with the assembly of an actual quilt so each step in the process took a month to complete but I finally got the bias tape on and sent in with Merrick today. I hope that when he lays down for nap time with his new blanket that he will know how special he is and how much his family, near and far, loves him.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Aunt Meghan comes for a visit

A few weeks back one of our favorite Aunties came out for a visit. Aunt Meghan came out to the big city to visit her 2 favorite nephews, one of her favorite brothers and a sister-in-law that talks too much but that she still loves :0) We took her around as much of the city as we could but in the end we could not convert her to the New York way of life.

One Saturday the fam went to the super cool Lego store in Rockefeller Center and the boys had a blast. What you see above is pretty much what Memphis likes to do with his lego guys at home.

The boys could honestly stay at this store for 2 hours just rearranging body parts and accessories. The best thing about this store is that it has a beautiful view of the Rockefeller Center ice skating rink. I can't wait to take the kids here in another month when the Christmas Tree goes up.

Memphis knows how to fight back so watch out.

Stone slide in Central Park.

Sean took Meghan out one night without the kids and they had a blast. Sometimes you just have to experience New York City without all the strollers and extra luggage that comes with kids ya know. But in this shot Meghan was excited about Phantom of the Opera and wanted to take a picture under the billboard and without her knowing, this mystery guy steps right behind her and makes this pose. Sean is the one taking the picture and grins a little bit but takes the shot and doesn't say a word to Meghan. The mystery guy walks away unnoticed by Meghan. Sean hands the camera back to her and she scans through the pictures to check the shot. When she comes across this picture she does a very loud "Oh My Gosh" the mystery guy totally hears it and starts cracking up as does Sean. Sean says it was like Meghan felt violated because the whole time she didn't even sense that someone was behind her. Oh man I love this story. I need to print this picture out and frame for a good laugh every now and then.

This is our very own Naked Cowboy. He struts his stuff in Time Square and I'm thinking he has to be pretty rich don't you think? I mean this is what he does day in and day out and he can still afford to live in this expensive city. Maybe its time I ask Sean to put those dreams of Medical school aside and see about getting him some more guitar lessons.

The yellow guys my favorite too. M&M store in Time Square.

While Merrick was at school every day Meghan spent her days taking pictures of Memphis. I can't complain because she got some very cute shots of him being happy as usual.

We love you Meghan. Good Luck in Oregon. We miss you already.