Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Merrick's Quilt

I finally finished it. Yeahhh! I made this log cabin quilt for Merrick with pictures of all the people who love him to keep him warm and snug when he had to take naps at school. He goes to a pretty fancy public pre-school and although I love the school it's an all day program and I worry that he will miss us after being home all these years. So I decided to make him a special blanket, something that he can look at if he doesn't feel too tired or can cover him up if he does decide to get a little shut eye (which he does by the way, so they say). I, of course, was very nervous with the assembly of an actual quilt so each step in the process took a month to complete but I finally got the bias tape on and sent in with Merrick today. I hope that when he lays down for nap time with his new blanket that he will know how special he is and how much his family, near and far, loves him.


Griffeth Family said...

Congrats on completing the quilt patty! It looks great!

River Nomads said...

Cool Quilt Patty. Yay!! It feels so good to finish something like that, huh? You're a SuperMom!!

The Ramirez Trio said...

The blanket is so nice. He will love it. Hope he is liking preschool. It is hard to think he will be in K next year.