Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I need to edit my last post regarding Sean's update- It was his armpit that he swiped not his hand, which is so much funnier than a lame old hand, right? So he swiped his bum, the bottom of his foot and his armpit and is happy to report that he is fungus free. Some of his classmates on the other hand..... well lets just say ya just don't want to know.

Monday, November 30, 2009


The time is just flying over here and I thought it was about time we did a little updates on everyone so here we go:

Sean Donovan (Age 29):
Is happy to report that he is fungus free! :0) Not that he had any funguses or should I say fungi to begin with but last week in lab he had to swipe his butt , feet and I can't remember that last one it could be hands but I thought it was grosser than that and concluded that he was "fungus" free. It was a good day in Sean World.

Patty Donovan (Age 29)
Is working at Kohl's for the holiday season. She has concluded that standing on your feet for 9 hours on Black Friday is not as fun as she thought it would be but she got through it thank goodness. She also was able to rack up on some sweet deals before the store even opened at 4am. Sweet!

Merrick Donovan (Age 3)
Has asked for a dinosaur for Christmas(?) Which one I have no clue but regardless is very excited to start putting up "necerdations" and get this whole Christmas thing underway. He loves to play with Memphis and at night I've been trying to lay them down in the same bed just for a good laugh and tell them to go to bed and they just crack each other up, oh well maybe one of these days they will actually fall asleep.

Memphis Donovan (Age 1)
Would like everyone to know that he does not like Nursery hour at church and would more than anything appreciate it if his parents would stop forcing him to go. We're trying to get him use to it but as soon as we leave he cries so we end up staying in his classroom for 2 hours. I tried taking him into my class yesterday but he was so disruptive it was useless to even try and teach my lesson. On a much happier not though he is talking a lot these days and when he doesn't know how to explain what he wants he just yells at the top of his lungs until you figure out what he wanted which is usually candy. Thank you Halloween!

New York City (Age 311)
Is starting to get very cold. No snow yet but it feels cold enough for rain to freeze so we'll see how much longer we have to wait for that fun, fluffy stuff.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Staying in my pajamas

I've often asked myself how in the world I stay in my pajamas until noon pretty much any day of the week we don't have anywhere to go and finally, FINALLY I have the answer. I stay in my PJ's until noon because:

My boys request a flour dirt track for their cars

Because I want to cook something somewhat healthy that my kids just might eat (I keep setting off the fire alarm when I cook bacon, darn gas stoves)

Because face painting is a joy in Merrick's world

Because gingerbread houses always look so darn cute and easy to make

Because Merrick loves to draw and is getting so good with all of his artwork (this is an image of a car flying away with balloons from the movie UP)

People in the house that's flying
Balloons carrying away the house

Because a scarecrow was requested

Because costumes are always needed to be taken on and off

Because pumpkins are needed to be carved with Dry Ice placed inside for a smoky effect (very cool indeed)

Because pictures are needed to be taken

of my sweet boys to remind me that they are more important than good hygiene.

Because homemade play dough is requested, "in white" to make ghost with our super cool 101 cookie cutters (Michael's $6.00)

Because FALL is here and we need to be outside taking it all in.

The beanies I made for the boys months ago just waiting for New York to get cold. Yeah

Because leaves need to be raked, and puddles need to be jumped in or in Merrick's case rolled around in and even tasted (do not for any reason tell Sean about the tasting part) and because it's beautiful outside and we absolutely loved every minute of it even though it was big time raining while we were out there and we all came down with yucky colds the VERY next day.

Because Legos are cool

Because there are oh so many messes to clean up so many!

So many!

Because a tower of boxes was requested.

Because castles are a constant around here and Sean is the only one that really knows how to put them together (on those days neither of us get out of our pajamas until noon).

Because we have ISSUES on the potty

Very BIG issues!

Issues that make us smile and laugh no matter how bad it might be.

Because handmade clothes are desired

and handmade decorations are needed

And because ya never know when your going to have to stick your hand into a pee filled toilet to retrieve a very much loved toy car. I asked Sean to take care of this little item of business since it falls right under changing the oil in the car and right above taking out the garbage.

So there you have it folks all my many reasons to continue to stay in my PJ's until nap time and not worry about why I don't seem to be productive enough to get in the shower. My life is FULL of small and simple tasks that could only mean the WORLD to the ones that matter most.
To Merrick and Memphis, I love you guys so much and may our days continue to be filled with adventure, messes and lots of love.

Memphis gets a haircut

So big daddy said it was time to give Memphis a haircut and I agreed. He has always had beautiful long blond hair and I just hated to waste such good hair on a haircut but I figured it could always grow back, right? (Oh who am I kidding I'm still totally kicking myself)

Here's a before picture of his cute hair.

This is pretty much how he looked all the time since his hair was too long to style (still so darn cute) love him!!!

And here he is, ahh that look just makes me melt, it's as if he's saying "What did you DO????" and those ears, they definitely run in the family.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween '09

Halloween was so fun this year. The boys had 3 rounds of trick or treating so needless to say I have enough candy to last me through next year's Halloween. When my mom was in town she bought Merrick a Woody costume and a dragon costume which he traded with Memphis (both sized 2T ?) and became a giraffe but you'll see him in these pictures with both costumes.

Our friend Elle who we went trick or treating with during the day. She was Fancy Nancy, Merrick was the giraffe and Memphis was the dragon (which he loved very much).

And here's where they made the costume trade and divided up their candy.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Now that the weather is getting a little bit chillier I find myself baking a little bit more.
On this particular day after some face painting was done the kids and I decided to bake some brownies. Of course me being the good mom that I am I wanted to teach the kids the importance of not letting any food go to waste
So I put them to work cleaning the bowls and spatulas of any and all brownie batter.

They were quite the cleaning crew if I do say so myself.

Uh huh even licking it from the inside. That bowl was spic and span by the time Merrick was done with it. No brownie batter going to waste here.

Well I guess you could say that some technically went to waste in his hair but I'm okay with that since Memphis went to work on getting the chocolate from Merrick's hair. Can you see that little pudgy hand going straight for Merrick's hair?

A good time was had by all. Oh but the brownies turned out a little burnt. I must've left them in the oven too long during bath time. Do you know how long it takes to scrub brownie batter from every little corner of two little boys? Long enough to burn brownies that's for sure. Oh well.

Oh Central Park how we love thee