Monday, November 9, 2009

Staying in my pajamas

I've often asked myself how in the world I stay in my pajamas until noon pretty much any day of the week we don't have anywhere to go and finally, FINALLY I have the answer. I stay in my PJ's until noon because:

My boys request a flour dirt track for their cars

Because I want to cook something somewhat healthy that my kids just might eat (I keep setting off the fire alarm when I cook bacon, darn gas stoves)

Because face painting is a joy in Merrick's world

Because gingerbread houses always look so darn cute and easy to make

Because Merrick loves to draw and is getting so good with all of his artwork (this is an image of a car flying away with balloons from the movie UP)

People in the house that's flying
Balloons carrying away the house

Because a scarecrow was requested

Because costumes are always needed to be taken on and off

Because pumpkins are needed to be carved with Dry Ice placed inside for a smoky effect (very cool indeed)

Because pictures are needed to be taken

of my sweet boys to remind me that they are more important than good hygiene.

Because homemade play dough is requested, "in white" to make ghost with our super cool 101 cookie cutters (Michael's $6.00)

Because FALL is here and we need to be outside taking it all in.

The beanies I made for the boys months ago just waiting for New York to get cold. Yeah

Because leaves need to be raked, and puddles need to be jumped in or in Merrick's case rolled around in and even tasted (do not for any reason tell Sean about the tasting part) and because it's beautiful outside and we absolutely loved every minute of it even though it was big time raining while we were out there and we all came down with yucky colds the VERY next day.

Because Legos are cool

Because there are oh so many messes to clean up so many!

So many!

Because a tower of boxes was requested.

Because castles are a constant around here and Sean is the only one that really knows how to put them together (on those days neither of us get out of our pajamas until noon).

Because we have ISSUES on the potty

Very BIG issues!

Issues that make us smile and laugh no matter how bad it might be.

Because handmade clothes are desired

and handmade decorations are needed

And because ya never know when your going to have to stick your hand into a pee filled toilet to retrieve a very much loved toy car. I asked Sean to take care of this little item of business since it falls right under changing the oil in the car and right above taking out the garbage.

So there you have it folks all my many reasons to continue to stay in my PJ's until nap time and not worry about why I don't seem to be productive enough to get in the shower. My life is FULL of small and simple tasks that could only mean the WORLD to the ones that matter most.
To Merrick and Memphis, I love you guys so much and may our days continue to be filled with adventure, messes and lots of love.


deannah said...

Such a great post! You're the best mom. Please tell me you didn't do all of these things in one day.

T-Ray said...

ha ha ha... you are too cute. I would stay in my pj's too. Your boys are so cute and so full of life. I love it.

THE LIZARD'S said...

wow...i find myself exhausted after reading that post. Its so funny but I know HOW YOU FEEL!!! But, I'm like "dont make a mess natzi" at my house. I fight the two to get dressed and am lucky if I get Ava's hair done before I leave the house in the morning..sometimes NOON as well. Lucky for me I dont have to do my hair or makeup to exercise. Otherwise..I would NEVER leave the house! LOL!

All five of us! said...

So sweet! YOUR a GREAT mom! I don't know how you find the energy to do all the things you do. SUPER MOM! LOVES!

The Ramirez Trio said...

WoW and i was wondering what you have been up too.. Alot glad to see you guys are up to your normal activites and settling in to your new life.

D said...

Fun post. Reynold says you're a saint. Your better then I am, I stay in my sweats or exercise clothes all day, and that's not because I'm exercising (which I don't do often.) I would be in my pj too if I didn't have to take the kids to school.

Mama Rose said...

I love it and yet isn't that just the half of it-lol! By the way...cute scarecrow shirt :D