Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bag Tagged

I was bag tagged by my friend Es so here you go, my life in a nutshell or should I say my life in a purse.
- 4 Diapers ( 2 for each kiddo)
- Cell phone
- Wallet
- SMOG info to get the car smogged
- Coupons
- Mascara
- Lip gloss
- Chap stick
- Visine
- Mirror
- Sippy cup
- Broken braces that need to see an orthodontist
- Nursing cover
- 2 onesies for Memphis
- Storage shed key
- Baby wipes
- 46 cents
- Mini journal
- Playdoh
- Merrick' sunglasses
- My sunglasses
- Thank you cards
- B-day Invitations
- Business Cards
- Nail file
- Library receipt
- Store receipts
- A flyer for a local crop share program

By the way my shoulders hurt all the time but I hate not having everything I could possibly need in case of an emergency so there you go.

Now I get to tag other people:

Fawn JOHNSON (woo hoo), Trisha Brantingham and Lolly Lillard.

Let it all out ladies and don't even think about cleaning it out before you dump it out.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let The Games Begin

Do you know when your sweet little child is finally tall enough to reach the light switch and then all of a sudden can't restrain himself from turning on all of the lights in your house and any bathroom fans?

Do you know when your cute little munch kin is finally tall enough to open both locks on your front door and walk out of the house unsupervised?

Do you know when your precious angel is finally strong enough to open the refrigerator door and begins to open the door all the time for milk?

Do you know when that baby you gave birth to begins to climb out of his crib seizing any opportunity you once had of a break during nap time?

Oh Yeah, I'm there!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Merrick & Memphis

I'm trying to take more pictures of the boys so here are a few I got this week. Memphis is kind of moving and scooting, kind of, like you'll leave him in one spot and you'll come back to find him in another spot. He can also roll onto to his side from his belly and then all the way over, I think, or he's getting pretty close to it. He holds his head up well and coos all the time.

We love him sooooo much!!!

Oh and he smiles all the time, not at Merrick though, he's still really scared of him.

His little bouncer chair that he tolerates every once in a while.

Reading, already? Yup, he's a genius, what can we say?

Helping mommy bake some cookies. The batters both of our favorite parts.

I think cookie dough could be considered an addiction.

Painting can keep Merrick busy for long periods of time so needless to say we paint a lot at our home. Here are some caterpillars which Merrick likes to call snakes that we made on Thursday. We painted them then I let Merrick loose with some glue and we gave our "snakes" eyes and buttons for more texture. He really grew attached to these little creatures and has been playing with them for the last couple of days.

Painting and working on our colors. We say the colors as I squeeze them out of the bottle but for some reason he can't remember which color is which. He learned his ABC's before he was two but numbers and colors are a whole other subject. Has anyone else experienced that? The picture below is so cute because it totally shows his pot belly. In that picture we're making a house for his "snakes".

Monday, June 9, 2008

We're surviving

Here are a few things we've been up to this week.
Merrick rolling his own pizza dough. I showed him how to pat it from hand to hand and then throw it up in the air. I caught his throws because they were ALL over the place.

Potty training...yikes...
Cuddle bugs hanging out in bed in the mornings.

Merced Blueberry and Cherry Festival. They had a fort made out of hay, crafts, music, hay rides, river walks and organic blueberries and cherries to pick. Merrick really liked picking the fruit right off the tree and eating it. I must say those were the best cherries and blueberries I've ever had. I've been dying to learn how to can fruits and vegetables so hopefully this summer I will get a chance to do something in that area.

2 month shots. Memphis got 5 shots in his thighs. I don't think he minded the shots as much as he minded the nurses holding him down. My poor little guy.