Saturday, June 21, 2008

Merrick & Memphis

I'm trying to take more pictures of the boys so here are a few I got this week. Memphis is kind of moving and scooting, kind of, like you'll leave him in one spot and you'll come back to find him in another spot. He can also roll onto to his side from his belly and then all the way over, I think, or he's getting pretty close to it. He holds his head up well and coos all the time.

We love him sooooo much!!!

Oh and he smiles all the time, not at Merrick though, he's still really scared of him.

His little bouncer chair that he tolerates every once in a while.

Reading, already? Yup, he's a genius, what can we say?

Helping mommy bake some cookies. The batters both of our favorite parts.

I think cookie dough could be considered an addiction.

Painting can keep Merrick busy for long periods of time so needless to say we paint a lot at our home. Here are some caterpillars which Merrick likes to call snakes that we made on Thursday. We painted them then I let Merrick loose with some glue and we gave our "snakes" eyes and buttons for more texture. He really grew attached to these little creatures and has been playing with them for the last couple of days.

Painting and working on our colors. We say the colors as I squeeze them out of the bottle but for some reason he can't remember which color is which. He learned his ABC's before he was two but numbers and colors are a whole other subject. Has anyone else experienced that? The picture below is so cute because it totally shows his pot belly. In that picture we're making a house for his "snakes".


DAVID & ELISSA said...

Patty, Memphis looks just like Merrick! Aww I miss you all! I can't wait to see you!

A Boy and 3 Girls said...

Patty, Love all the crafts! Keep them busy is the name of the game! I can't believe how strong Memphis is. You better watch out, he's going to be crawling before you know it. He looks a lot like Merrick and Daddy ;) Too CUTE!



deannah said...

What a good mom you are! Such fun stuff.

Cheryl said...

I agree that Memphis is starting look like a mini version of Merrick! Way cute. Ashby has trouble with colors too. She knows her numbers pretty good, but isn't as familiar with her "ABC's" I bet before you know it you'll be trying to figure out more to teach your bright boys.

Oh yeah... I especially love that Memphis has a DICTIONARY there beside him in his "Reading" pic! Too funny