Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our lives as we know it

Merrick got his face painted as a pirate this last time we went to Disneyland. Too cute.

Build a Bear Workshop. Merrick got a Green Frog (with cute 4 leaf clovers on the cheeks) and a Tigger outfit so of course his name is Tigger- Tigger and Memphis got a Koala Bear with a Woody outfit so of course his name is Woody-Woody. Here he is kissing the hearts that will go into the Build a Bear Friends.

Merrick on day 2 of our Disneyland trip. How can I not be so in LOVE with this little boy at this very moment. He just makes my heart melt.

These are the sunglasses I found in my moms car on the drive to So Cal from Merced. Why does she still have these from the 80's and why are they cool again? I kindof like them in this picture actually, should I wear them more often? How about I put it up for a vote? Anyone?
Mama, I love her sooo much! And that little boy she's holding yeah I love him too. Where would I be without this wonderful family?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Kitchen

Merrick turned 3 at the end of January (still have not posted about his birthday bash soon to come my friends) and Memphis just turned 1 so Sean and I got them this cute wooden kitchen from Nova Natural Toys for both of their birthdays.

Merrick likes to climb on it but what 3 year old doesn't climb on stuff right? Okay maybe just my 3 year old does. But both seem to have a lot of fun pretending to be in the "kitchen" cooking dinner like mama. I look forward to a lot of pretend play with this kitchen in our home and in our lives as our family grows and grows.

Memphis turns 1

Memphis turned 1 last week so we threw him a little birthday bash. Sean's two sisters, brother and mom and dad were in town so it was the perfect day to celebrate my little guy's b-day with lots of family and a few close friends.

I can't believe he's 1. He seems so big yet so little all at the same time.

While the fam was here Merrick got to go on a lot of bike rides. Can you believe it's been 2 years since we got that Wee Ride for Merrick, he was so little when we first put him on it and now he's so big and probably ready for his own bike. Time really does go by too fast.


I turned 29 last month and had the best birthday ever. I got this great new book and tried a chocolate cake recipe from it right away. Merrick just could not celebrate someone's birthday without a cake. Oh and he also got to blow out the candles after we sang Happy Birthday to him, good fun.

I also picked up some flowers the night before so that we could put them in our planter with the kids. I love reading this book to the boys and we finally got around to planting our rainbow on my birthday. I made sure we got every color.

The boys playing in the leftover dirt with their cars.

I love when they play together it just makes me so happy.

Now whenever I look out our sliding glass doors and see this I can't help but smile. It's the little things in life ya know.


A beanie for Merrick in green of course

Isn't this yarn beautiful? It's hand dyed and I have enough to make another beanie for Memphis.

Quilt Block for my Quilt Block swap

In the middle I made an I Spy square with an image of a country scene and little images for kids to find within the scene.