Sunday, March 21, 2010

Auggie Doggie

A visit from Auggie Doggie on St. Patrick's Day made my kids very happy. My boys wore green crocks on St. Patty's Day, I usually like to get them a pair every summer since they practically live in them when the weathers nice.

Memphis + Socks = Happy Independent Toddler

When is it official that your baby is growing up? I mean can you still baby them even though they are showing signs of independence? That's the case with Memphis. He's our baby but he is a full blown toddler ready to do things on his own without any help from mom. He found some socks and wanted to put them on but his were a little too snug to master with his chubby fingers so I offered to let him borrow mine which he had absolutely no trouble putting on. He was pretty proud of himself.

Speseghetti anyone?

Please don't think that I love Memphis more because I happen to be focusing on him tonight but some things just need to get posted and these pictures of Memphis eating homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs is definitely one of them. I think he liked my birthday dinner more than I did.

The BIG 3-0!!!

This is my profile picture at 30 years old. Ya know so that I never forget.

This is my cake's profile picture of 30+ candles ( Merrick and I just wanted to see a lot of candles on the cake).

And this was my birthday cake decorated by the one and only 4 year old that says that I'm beautiful because I have a heart. Of course when he's mad at me he likes to tell me that I don't have a heart like the tinman in the Wizard of Oz. Four year olds are so smart and funny. To anyone else who turns 30 this year have a wonderful birthday and please don't be like me and spend all your birthday money on fabric it's really pathetic!

Disneyland 2010

We finally made it out to California. We've been waiting for this trip for a long time. Fisrt stop- Disneyland to use our Southern Cali passes one last time before they expire. Disneyland was a ton of fun but what I could not get over was the weather. It was BEAUTIFUL here. Not that I don't think New York is beautiful too but California has some amazing natural beauty and it's here all year round. Like those flowers up above were everywhere I loved it. The kids loved the sunny weather also but then again they are Californians so it's hard for them to forget what to do when the sun comes out.

Emergency Room

This is the result of a late night at the ER combined with a good dose of Benadryl. Sweet Merrick came down with an awful allergic reaction and was freaking out that bugs were crawling all over his body. He had about 3 hard nights until we gave up trying to solve the problem ourselves and Sean took him to the ER where he was prescribed Benadryl. Needless to say the Benadryl made him very drowsy and this is how he stayed for the rest of the morning.

Winter Wonderland

We had quite the wintery wonderland here in New York throughout the month of February and althought I loved every minute of it and let me tell you I really, really did Sean and the kids were not too faund of it.

Can't get enough

I can't get enough of these cheeks and eyes and this adorable look, oh how I do love him.