Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magazine Beach

 There's this really AMAZING beach in Grenada called Magazine Beach and it has some of the best snorkeling on the island.

We had a picnic with some yummy snacks.

This was the view from our beach spot. Incredible!

Merrick and Sean snorkeling. Merrick is a really great swimmer and is really starting to love snorkeling.

Memphis building some awesome sand castles.


Probably one of the best beach days I've ever had. I love this island.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The kiddos right now

Merrick (6 yrs) a.k.a "HEARTBREAKER"

 Memphis (4 yrs) a.k.a "NINJA BOY"

Leia (1 yr.) a.k.a. "MESSY FACE"

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Grand Etang

After we left Annandale Falls we hit the road again and made our way to Grand Etang Forest Reserve.

Grand Etang is famous for it's Mona Monkey watching but we were out of luck today, we didn't see any monkeys.

Memphis even brought a banana from home to feed the monkeys with.

Grand Etang Forest Reserve is also famous for Grand Etang Lake which fills the crater of one of the island's extinct volcanoes.

The lake behind Memphis.

Leia getting ready for a nap.

 We were only at this look out point for ten minutes and within that amount of time it went from sunny to rainy. Above is a picture right after it started raining.

And in this picture you can't even see the lake anymore.

 Leia and I took refuge in the visitor's center.

The boys were on a quick hunt for a bathroom when the storm came and they got drenched.

The boys and Leia down at the lake.

 The boys feeding the Koi fish some crackers.

These fish were huge. At least 3 feet wide.

Then we finished off the day at Umbrellas one of our favorite hot spots. We grabbed the kids a quick bite to eat with a great view of the beach from the second floor.

 Then headed down to the beach for some play time until the sun went down.

It was a great day for everyone.

Annandale Falls

We piled the kids in the car today and made our way to this little beauty right here. This waterfall is called Annandale Falls and it is beautiful. 

 Our three little chipmunks ready for an adventure.

 A view of the capitol city, St. George, on our way out to the Falls.

 Everything is so green on this island.

 A closer view of the waterfall.

 Leia, 13 months, sitting by the waterfall.

 Memphis, 4, Leia 13 months.

Sean jumping off the edge and into the cold, fresh water.

 Us by the waterfall.

 Leia swimming.

 I tried these floaties on her arms right after her first birthday because she would not stay out of the water. Now she's a full fledged swimmer kicking her legs and moving her arms to push her in the direction she wants to go.

Sean and Merrick jumping off the cliff and into the waterfall.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Leia's 1st Birthday

What can I say about our FAVORITE girl, in the whole world, other than that WE ADORE HER!!! 

Dear Sweet Leia,
You are an amazing baby, truly a gift from our Heavenly Father. We feel blessed to know you, to have you be a part of our family and have the opportunity to raise you up as a child of God. Everyday we hug and kiss you and think that there could never be a more prettier or smarter 12 month old on this whole earth. You are the twinkle in your father's eye and the hands down favorite sister to your brothers. Merrick and Memphis love playing with you and reading books to you. They smother you to no end and although we ask them to stop bothering you every five seconds we really can't blame them because you are irresistible. You have the cutest chipmunk cheeks and the most adorable chubby thighs. Your smile lights up my day. I look forward to seeing you grow up and I pray that your life will be filled with love and kindness. Happy Birthday, "pretty girl", we couldn't have hand picked a better daughter had we been given the chance to try. Love you.
Mama, Daddy, Merrick & Memphis

Some of your grandest achievements to date:

You just learned how to walk and your on the move!
You like to swim with arm floaties and you are really good at it!
Your a little territorial (already)!
You love to dance and bob your head!
You're independent and like to do things your way!
You DON'T like your brothers crowding you and you don't like them pushing you away!
Your brothers call you "BIG BABY" with a deep yet funny voice!
You like to feed yourself, especially spaghetti!
We call you "Pretty Girl" with a sweet, endearing voice!
You like to be outside!
When we ask for kisses, you give us a kiss and then clap for yourself, it never fails to make us laugh!