Friday, March 28, 2008

Baby, baby, baby

Soooooo we've been waiting ever so patiently for baby Memphis to arrive but unfortunately he just hasn't felt ready to come out yet. But, today I woke up with some major funky feelings and I finally started having regular contractions. Now they are about 4 minutes apart and they last about 45 painful seconds each. I felt the same exact thing with Merrick but I barely got admitted because I was barely dilated to a 3 so I'm trying to hang out at home as much as I can without putting the baby in jeopardy. I called the doctor on call at 6am and he said that I sound pretty calm for being in pre-labor so I don't think he took me too seriously and told me that I'm in a very gray area and that I could go either way. I could stay home or go to the hospital (let's just say he was very nice but I didn't get any clearer of an idea on what to do!). He did say that second babies tend to come faster so now I'm really stuck on what to do. I'm going to wait until my doctor's office opens and see if I can come in to see where I'm at and how much longer I should wait until I go to the hospital. But bottom line is I think Memphis will be coming sometime today. Wish us luck.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fawn's Wedding

Sean's sister, Fawn, got married on March 8th to a wonderful guy named Mike Johnson. Here are some beautiful pictures of her in her wedding dress.

Their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.

They looked so cute together and they are absolutely perfect for each other.

As you can see the wedding was at the beach in Santa Barbara, CA and the day was BEAUTIFUL!

Fawn's Wedding

Here we are again with our sad attempt at a family picture. The ceremony started at 5:30pm and it was already starting to cool off and get a little windy but we got some pictures none the less.

This one shows my belly just a little bit better. Fawn's wedding colors were green (of course hahahaha, those Donovan's) brown and cream so Sean's suit was a dark brown with a sagey green tie. Merrick was the ring bearer. Both were so handsome that day.

Here he is practicing with the pillow and some fake rings in case he drops the pillow and something happens to the real rings.

Here he is during the actual ceremony. I had to carry him all the way down the aisle. The ceremony started a little later than expected so we were trying to keep him calm but, you know how 2 year olds can only be entertained so much before they loose their cool and go AWAL which is exactly what he did. When it came time for him to walk down the aisle he threw the pillow down and was starting to run the opposite direction of the ceremony. Everybody was watching as I waddled after him trying to catch him and carry him with all my girth down this long walkway. Oh my goodness I was soooo embarrassed but at the same time I knew it was going to happen so I just went with it.

He is soooo cute in this picture. This was taken while we were waiting for the ceremony to start.

Fawn's Wedding

Meghan, Sean's other sister, was the maid of honor. She took her job very seriously and loved every minute of it.

Pictures during the reception. Merrick was all over the place you would've thought he owned this wedding. Here he is getting all the attention from his familia.

Fawn and Dustin, Sean's youngest brother.

Merrick and Brandon, Sean's middle brother.

Baby Memphis and Merrick dancing all night long. We had such a great time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Diaper Rash Days

Merrick came down with this pretty terrible diaper rash the other day so I thought we'd let him air it out with no diapers and run around a la nude if you know what I mean. I did it right after he had a dirty diaper so I wasn't worried about him having any accidents but I do think that his new found freedom to be in the nude did go a little to head and made him a little kooky for some reason. He was definitely HAPPY the whole day!
Here he is with his little Elmo doll, trying to cover him up in all of these sticky foam letters. In person it looked like Merrick was giving Elmo a bath in the letters.
Ahh yes then he moved on to mamas shoes. The sad thing is that I had just put these shoes away from the last time he played with them and he found them instantly in my closet and so proceeded to play with them again. The super sad thing is I got these shoes for Christmas and the only person that has worn them EVER has been Merrick.
I didn't catch it on camera but there was a moment when Merrick had the bike helmet on and the zebra print high heels and it was just hilarious. He looked like a stripper! The diaper rash has yet to fully go away but it's getting better and we're semi potty training while his bum heals but he's not too interested in the potty so we'll see where we go from here. By the way no baby yet and I have 6 days left! Yikes.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MOMS Club Easter Egg Hunt

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt on Tuesday with the MOMS Club and we had a blast. Merrick found 18 eggs pretty much all by himself. Sean was there for encouragement and to keep him focused (because all Merrick cared about was getting 1 egg, opening it and eating the candy inside of it). Don't my boys look so dapper with their collared shirts and rolled up sleeves? It's sooo their signature style.
Look at all those eggs in that basket! Too bad he did all the work and mom and dad get to reap all the benefits, hahaha.
This is Merrick's super cute, super sweet, best friend, Andrew. He was at the Easter Egg hunt, too. He found 20 eggs, what a champ.
This is Andrew's mama, Brooke, and his little brother Cayden. She gets to reap the benefits of Andrew's hard work, too. Is this at all the same as stealing candy from a baby??? Nah it's totally justified.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Easter Eggs

I've been wanting to color eggs with Merrick but I wasn't sure if coloring eggs the old fashioned way would be too messy for him ( I had images of cups of colored water tipping over and staining the carpet) so I looked up fun alternatives and voila here we went.

I hard boiled about 10 eggs and let them cool. Then I brought out my craft paints which are super cheap at Michael's and Merrick loves them, he especially likes to squeeze the paint out personally, so you can just imagine what that's like. Anyways we made a palette of different paint colors on a piece of paper and then I gave him cotton balls to dip in each color and color the eggs with.
There are more than 10 eggs here because when I stepped away from the table and left Sean in charge I guess Merrick thought the first 10 looked so good that he went to the fridge and wanted the other carton of eggs which were not hard boiled and wanted to color those. So now all of my eggs in the refrigerator are painted, go figure.
The last thing I let Merrick do was throw some glitter on the eggs. They totally looked so cute and he had a ton of fun making them. Now I have to get creative and think of some yummy foods to make with these eggs so that we can use them up and maybe do this craft again before Easter.

I can't sleep

Why is it 4 in the morning and I can't seem to sleep another minute. Right now I'm fine but I know that by the time Merrick wakes up (with all of his energy) I am going to be exhausted and the only thing I will be able to think about all morning will be sleeping during his nap time. I must admit that I'm a morning person but today I woke up at 3:30am which is ridiculous even for a morning person. I guess I will try and post some pictures and head back to bed. By the way no baby yet, still snug as a bug in my belly. I'm anxious to say the least but I think he's going to stay in there until my due date on the 25th of March which is now 14 days exactly. Wooo hoooo