Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fawn's Wedding

Here we are again with our sad attempt at a family picture. The ceremony started at 5:30pm and it was already starting to cool off and get a little windy but we got some pictures none the less.

This one shows my belly just a little bit better. Fawn's wedding colors were green (of course hahahaha, those Donovan's) brown and cream so Sean's suit was a dark brown with a sagey green tie. Merrick was the ring bearer. Both were so handsome that day.

Here he is practicing with the pillow and some fake rings in case he drops the pillow and something happens to the real rings.

Here he is during the actual ceremony. I had to carry him all the way down the aisle. The ceremony started a little later than expected so we were trying to keep him calm but, you know how 2 year olds can only be entertained so much before they loose their cool and go AWAL which is exactly what he did. When it came time for him to walk down the aisle he threw the pillow down and was starting to run the opposite direction of the ceremony. Everybody was watching as I waddled after him trying to catch him and carry him with all my girth down this long walkway. Oh my goodness I was soooo embarrassed but at the same time I knew it was going to happen so I just went with it.

He is soooo cute in this picture. This was taken while we were waiting for the ceremony to start.

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Esmeralda said...

SUPPPPPERR CUTE PIC!!! Merrick is such a cutie!