Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Easter Eggs

I've been wanting to color eggs with Merrick but I wasn't sure if coloring eggs the old fashioned way would be too messy for him ( I had images of cups of colored water tipping over and staining the carpet) so I looked up fun alternatives and voila here we went.

I hard boiled about 10 eggs and let them cool. Then I brought out my craft paints which are super cheap at Michael's and Merrick loves them, he especially likes to squeeze the paint out personally, so you can just imagine what that's like. Anyways we made a palette of different paint colors on a piece of paper and then I gave him cotton balls to dip in each color and color the eggs with.
There are more than 10 eggs here because when I stepped away from the table and left Sean in charge I guess Merrick thought the first 10 looked so good that he went to the fridge and wanted the other carton of eggs which were not hard boiled and wanted to color those. So now all of my eggs in the refrigerator are painted, go figure.
The last thing I let Merrick do was throw some glitter on the eggs. They totally looked so cute and he had a ton of fun making them. Now I have to get creative and think of some yummy foods to make with these eggs so that we can use them up and maybe do this craft again before Easter.


Go, Bishop, Go! said...

Patty this is such a great idea! I love it. In fact I might have to borrow the idea for our family! Merrick looks so content and the eggs really did turn out great! Hope you find a way to sleep better. Ps...do you know any massage therapists in the area...massage could help you with a better night sleep! Luv ya!

michelle said...

It so so fun for me to see you as a mom in action! You're wonderful!

michelle said...

p.s. Happy Birthday soon!