Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Memphis turns 4

Leia stealing Merrick's ice cream, she's so sneaky.

Our little man is 4. He keeps checking his fingers when he puts four up just to make sure he's doing it right, I love this kid.

Parties start at 5:30 in the morning around here, but it's so fun to wake up to all the decorations.

Sweeeeeeeeet looking Spiderman cake!!!

Some fun things about this sweet boy of ours. Memphis LOVES tape. He loves any and all kinds of tape. If he's alone in a room with a roll of tape chances are he will use every last bit of it to tape something (anything) together. I'm constantly coming across toys wrapped in tape (Legos, cars, Transformers) and then thrown back into his toy box. One of my favorite things is when he takes a BLANK piece of paper wraps it another BLANK piece of paper about 9 times and then wraps the whole package in tape until every bit is covered in tape. Then he takes "the package" and gives it to one of his friends and says that it's a "present" for them making the said friend a poor victim to un-wrapping "the package" only to find 10 pieces of blank paper and losing 30 minutes of their life that they will never get back. I laugh every time. His friends get so excited and keep asking me what it is until finally they make it to the end and give me that look like you could've just told me this was NOT worth my time. I love it. So, of course, it would only be natural for us to buy him his own rolls of tape for his birthday. We got him green and blue painters tape and he was in Heaven. The other day he was asking Sean for some tape and Sean trying desperately to understand Memphis' fetish with tape says to him, "Why Memphis, why do you want the tape, what are you going to wrap with the tape?" and without even missing a beat Memphis just says, "well it's my tape." Hahahaa Sean gave him the tape and since Memphis didn't have any toys to wrap he just wrapped his arm, hand to elbow, in blue tape.

Memphis is still really into Super Heroes. He loves all Super Heroes and knows them by name.

He loves playing with Merrick and Leia. Sometimes the 3 of them just sit together with their Legos building things together. Leia tries to mimic her brothers but eventually gives up and just starts putting pieces in her mouth.

Memphis gives the best hugs and kisses and I hate to see him sad.

He loves to change his clothes. He goes through four outfits a day. I never know what's clean and what's dirty.

He loves to wash his hands. He could sit with a bottle of hand soap and running water for an hour. The last two bottles of hand soap were emptied out so that his toys could have bubble baths.

He's learning how to swim and is doing a great job holding his breath underwater.

We are so blessed to have this sweet spirit in our family. Memphis we love you so much.

Lots of Love,
Daddy, Mommy, Merrick and Leia


I turned 32 last month, can you believe it? The kids and Sean decorated a yummy cake for me, so sweet.

St. Patrick's Day 2012

Who's ready for St. Patrick's Day?

Merrick is!

I love seeing Leia get into the mix of our holiday celebrations. These were all the treats the leprechaun left for us under his trap.

Lucky Charms and anything else I could find that was green at the grocery store.

Green milk for our cereal

The leprechaun got the boys again.

Memphis got a green mustache and goatee.

Leia-aka chipoholic

This girl loves her some chips. If she wasn't choking on them all the time I think she'd be in chip heaven. She was making a mess with the chips in this picture and was cramming them into her mouth but that smile is priceless so how could we take the chips away.