Thursday, January 21, 2010

Halloween Candy

Ummm... soo... does anyone else still have Halloween candy lurking in their cabinets? Let's see Halloween was only oh 4 months ago and we still have two buckets full of candy. So in an effort to utilize what we have and entertain the kids at the same time we made some rice crispy treat monsters with our left over candy.

Memphis hard at work selecting just the right candy to go on his monster.

Somehow we had some really great gummy body parts which this little craft all the more entertaining.

This one was definitely my favorite. That brain and those teeth just crack me up.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Da boyz

What??? Your kids don't usually play in their kitchens with their sunglasses on? Strange!

Memory Freeze

A few weeks ago, after Christmas, we took Sean to Best Buy to use his gift card and the kids and I went next door to Toys R Us to kill some time. I wanted to see what Merrick REALLY wanted for his birthday and check out the bike section. But the thing that really spiked our interest was the skateboards so we had an all out skateboarding session in a little corner of the store. They also had ramps which the kids of course loved and Sean and I were trying to balance on all sorts of sizes and types of skateboards. When it came time to go I thought I'd see how much one of the used skateboards would come out to be and maybe I could call it an early birthday present for my little guy who will be turning 4 at the end of this month. So we got a cruiser for $20 and all I can say is that we're in love with this smooth sailing skateboard.

We took it out one cold night right at sunset and rode down some hills in the park.

It was the best night ever!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Some JUST BECAUSE SHOTS for the grandparents

Once there was a Snowman, and now he's all gone.

Riding the subway in the big city

Sean messing around as usual (the funny thing is he doesn't like me to take pictures of him but he loves swinging his body parts in front of the camera messing up my shots! So I told him that I'm just going to have to put some of these out takes on our blog to teach him a lesson :0)

Memphi, oh how cute you are. Love you tons kiddo!

Christmas 2009

I realized that I hadn't posted any pictures from Christmas Day so here we go with some of the kids most prized possessions from Santa Clause.

A toy house from Grandma and Grandpa Hewitt to go outside when the weather gets better.

Memphis just barely waking up. Sweet Guy.

Merrick being our little elf and distributing gifts to their rightful owner.

Our Snowman who we loved seeing everyday. He also seems to have a cave like feature which I'm not sure why but it was cute nonetheless.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

How long has my little blog been asleep? A month you say, I can't believe it. It's as if we've been hibernating in this cold, cold winter wonderland I like to call New York. I always promise I won't let my blog go silent like this but then I always let it happen again so from now on I'm just going to have to live by the motto "I'll do my best" and take it from there. For those of you who heard that I was going to live by the motto "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels", forget-about-it that only lasted a day and do you know why? Because it's a big fat LIE, that's right I said it Kate Moss, it's a lie. Food really DOES taste better than skinny feels that's why you have so many cute, chubby people in this world (myself included). Oh well, what are you going to do another piece of pie you say, alright "I'll do my best" to finish every last bite.

As for updates and pictures here you go: My parents came to visit for a couple of weeks and we attempted to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree during a Northwestern snow storm which made everyone very miserable and unhappy. We decided to never attempt that again. But we did introduce my parents to the wonderful Shake Shack Sean's true love hamburger joint. That night it snowed 8 inches and church was canceled due to weather conditions (we've never had church canceled before). We took the boys out to play in the snow but Memphis did not like the snow too much because his mittens kept getting wet so he came back inside after a half an hour but Merrick on the other hand loved it. Sean took him to a golf course around the corner for some sledding action. The golf course has some really great hills but I was inside with Memphis so I missed out on the sledding and taking pictures of them. We also got a super cool new van (old but new to us 2006). It's beautiful and functional and I am happy to have it lug my family around town. There's a picture of Sean digging our car out of the snow. As for other news Sean has been called to serve as Second Counselor in the Staten Island Bishopric (did not see that one coming) and I'm pregnant (hahaha no I'm just kidding) we're still just barely getting use to the munchkins we have. We hope you had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year. What are some of your favorite moments of 2009 and what are your hopes for 2010?