Thursday, January 21, 2010

Halloween Candy

Ummm... soo... does anyone else still have Halloween candy lurking in their cabinets? Let's see Halloween was only oh 4 months ago and we still have two buckets full of candy. So in an effort to utilize what we have and entertain the kids at the same time we made some rice crispy treat monsters with our left over candy.

Memphis hard at work selecting just the right candy to go on his monster.

Somehow we had some really great gummy body parts which this little craft all the more entertaining.

This one was definitely my favorite. That brain and those teeth just crack me up.

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THE LIZARD'S said...

how funny. where did you get noses and brains for halloween? I guess the brain is believeable but a nose is just madness. ha. oh, and a new van..why is EVERYONE I know buying a minivan ..are they giving them away???! What is this conspiracy and almost all of them only have 2 kids with none on the way. Do you have a secret to share, Patty? By they way, how old is memphis now? 2 and a half? I really believe he is your child with all that dark hair. Merrick..I am still deciding on.ha. j/k. and snow is not scarce around there, huh? woa... hope you can stay warm!