Friday, November 16, 2007

Going home for the weekend

We got a chance to go home for Veteran's Day weekend and surprise both of our families. It was such a whirlwind weekend that we only got a few pictures of Merrick with his grandma Hewitt. This is one of my favorite pictures of Merrick. This is exactly what he looks like now a days. He has lots of Blonde hair, freckles and beautiful blue eyes. Little girls have already started calling him handsome at the park.
It's so hard to get pictures of Merrick especially when he's having too much fun playing but we try anyways.This is Merrick and A-ma as he calls her.
Here's my attempt at a picture with Merrick which turned out terrible but I'm going to post it anyway. As you can see he was trying to get away to keep playing. I guess kids will be kids, right?

Our life up to now

This is one of Merrick's favorite outfits, I swear!!! He loves these rain boots and if they wouldn't stop falling off his feet he probably would never take them off.

Personally, I think he just loves the little eyes and mouths on these boots.

He also likes to play bowling with some water bottles we have in the kitchen. He's the bowling ball and the bottles (as you can see) are the pins.

He likes to make sure that he knocks every single bottle over, even the ones that are full of water. Go figure!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Night 2007

Here are some pictures from Halloween Night. Merrick as you can see is Tigger from Winnie the Pooh and Sean is a Notre Dame football player. Trunk or Treat was such a blast we all had a good time.

Here's our attempt at a family photo taken by Sean. Poor little Merrick got cut out but his little ear is still pretty cute.

Here's Merrick dancing to the music outside. I must admit he's got some soul to his little body, he was a busting a move or two at the party.

Here's a quick glance at our pumpkins for this year. Merrick had so many pumpkin activities this year that we somehow ended up with 5 pumpkins total to carve. I used one pumpkin for pumpkin seeds and here's a picture of the other four. I figured it was okay considering we're sort of a family of four now that Memphis is in the oven.

The smallest one is for Memphis, than goes Merrick, Mama (I'm the scary one) and the Papa pumpkin (the goofy one with the buck teeth and big ears).