Friday, November 16, 2007

Our life up to now

This is one of Merrick's favorite outfits, I swear!!! He loves these rain boots and if they wouldn't stop falling off his feet he probably would never take them off.

Personally, I think he just loves the little eyes and mouths on these boots.

He also likes to play bowling with some water bottles we have in the kitchen. He's the bowling ball and the bottles (as you can see) are the pins.

He likes to make sure that he knocks every single bottle over, even the ones that are full of water. Go figure!


The Brantingham Family said...

Those rain boots are really cute. Did you get them at Target? I love Target. They have some really cute girl boots, but I don't think we'll need them here in AZ. I saw on your facebook that you guys are getting ready for a masters program...moving? Anyway, talk to you later. I was excited to see some new posts.

The Brantingham Family said...
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