Friday, November 16, 2007

Going home for the weekend

We got a chance to go home for Veteran's Day weekend and surprise both of our families. It was such a whirlwind weekend that we only got a few pictures of Merrick with his grandma Hewitt. This is one of my favorite pictures of Merrick. This is exactly what he looks like now a days. He has lots of Blonde hair, freckles and beautiful blue eyes. Little girls have already started calling him handsome at the park.
It's so hard to get pictures of Merrick especially when he's having too much fun playing but we try anyways.This is Merrick and A-ma as he calls her.
Here's my attempt at a picture with Merrick which turned out terrible but I'm going to post it anyway. As you can see he was trying to get away to keep playing. I guess kids will be kids, right?


Shaun, Jessy and Trevor Cheney said...

Hi...I was just thinking about you and wondering if you got everything. I'm glad you got all the clothes back, sorry they might have been a bit jumbled. Did you get the cloth part that goes to the swing? I think they are pockets or something that attaches to the back? I didn't find it until I had already sent the swing and most of the clothes back, so it came a little later with the rest of the clothes. I hope everything was in one piece. I also found a pair of khaki shorts that are yours, I'll bring them over the Christmas holiday when i come home for 3 weeks! I am so excited. Merrick is getting so big, and so cute still. I love the rain boots. I have a pair for Trevie and can't wait for him to stomp around in them. I am so jealous you get to stay living in CA. I remember thinking you were moving so far away...haha, was I wrong! I AM the one who moved SO FAR AWAY! Maybe we will run into each other over Christmas....that would be fun. TTYS. Jess

Shaun, Jessy and Trevor Cheney said...

P.S. Hows little Memphis doing, how has the pregnancy been going? hopefully well, you look totally awesome in all of your pictures.