Thursday, February 11, 2010

Merrick joined the CIA

Stalking my baby with a camera

Merrick's 4th Birthday

Merrick turned 4 a few weeks back and I had grand plans to throw him the best party on the East Coast but as life usually does we were thrown a curve ball and the boys got sick for their very own festival and everything was postponed. They had the flu bug so even if we would have had the party I don't think anyone would have come. But I did attempt to make the day of his party somewhat fun so that he didn't get too down when we told him no one else was coming. We let him open a few presents one of which was a shirt with the #4 on it and the other a reusable birthday crown with the letter M on it.

Unfortunately these items were not what he REALLY wanted because for some reason he really didn't like the #4 or the use of a crown what he really wanted was a shirt with the #1 on it and a pointed birthday hat. Trust me I tried to explain it and as tired as I was from washing loads of laundry from the flu epidemic in our house and staying up late to make these "special" items I couldn't bare to hear that I needed to get to work on a fresh project with my little guy looking over my shoulder and telling me what to do. It was a battle of the wits for a moment but I of course caved and let him take control and to my wonderful surprise was a moment I will forever cherish.

Merrick selected the fabric and designed both items all by himself. The fabric was a light blue flannel with a fish print. He wanted the #1 on both his shirt and hat because he didn’t like the idea of being #4 even though I explained that it’s not a place in a race like First place and Fourth place but he was not having it and who can really blame him right I mean who advertises Fourth Place right?

I couldn’t seem to keep the hat on so I sewed a big ribbon on to my hat to make it stay until I could get some thin elastic, I have to admit the ribbon made it all look too feminine so that was quickly snipped off. When we were brainstorming on his ensemble and we were talking about numbers he told me that he doesn’t like the number 4 but likes the number 1 and maybe 10 (I guess because it has 1 in it) but that Memphis could have number 6 and number 19? Hmmm.

To my dearest Merrick-

Oh my little Merrick I can’t believe you are turning 4 what a magical age that is. You are loved so much by all of your family and I don’t think any of us can imagine life without you. When you were born you were so tiny and I don’t think that your daddy and I could have loved you anymore than on that very first day but as you’ve grown and become your own person it’s clear that our love for you just continues to grow. Our hearts are so full with moments with you that sometimes it’s hard to think about how much time has passed. Thank you for making us parents that sweet day you were born into our family; it’s a day that we will forever cherish. Some things you love right, painting, pirates, scary monsters (but not too scary), Disneyland, reading, jumping on the bed, costumes, movies, playing with Memphis, baking, running and playing outside, sledding in the snow, building castles, new clothes, playing at the beach, dinosaurs, aliens, playing games on the computer, going into New York City and snuggling. Some funny things you've been saying lately- "Chickenstein" a great name you made up and use for everything from an imaginary friend to a teddy bear, "What the heck" and "Your a GOOD BOY daddy".
We love you and we can’t wait to create more memories with you in our family.

Love always,

Mom and Dad