Monday, April 19, 2010

Memphis turned 2

Memphis turned 2 at the end of March (can you believe it?) and so of course some celebrating was in order.
His birthday fell on a Sunday this year so we had to open presents first thing in the morning and then rush off to church.
I wanted to make my little cutie a nice birthday shirt with robots and the number 2 on it and this is the pose that he gave me when I asked him to show me his shirt. It's sort of a hold-my-breath and stick-out-my-chest kind of pose but I'm really glad I got it on camera. What a babe that Memphis is.

We ran out of birthday themed wrapping paper and all I had left was Christmas wrapping paper so you can imagine the confusion when out come the kids to see a mound of "Christmas" presents but explain that the presents are really only for Memphis.

So handsome.

Dearest Little Memphis,

What can I say, WE LOVE YOU!!! You are so easy to please and I can tell that you are very happy to be a part of our family. You love us and we couldn't ever imagine a day without you in our lives. Sometimes I just look into your eyes and feel warm all over inside and you give me your special bear hug that tells me I'm doing okay as your mama. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed you make us smile. You love to eat, you love to follow Merrick and play anything he's playing, you love a good nap but most of all you like to be outside. Your daddy thinks that you'll grow up to be a big football star I think you'll grow up to play any sport that uses a ball. We're excited to watch you grow and hope that you will continue to be full of life. Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy.

Lots of Love,
Mama, Daddy and Merrick