Saturday, January 12, 2013

Magazine Beach

I LOVE Magazine Beach even when the waves are five feet tall it is still one of the prettiest beaches on the island. Sean went snorkeling with some friends but the waves made it hard to navigate in the water.

Mt. Carmel Waterfalls

 This is probably one of my favorite places, so far, on the island. Mt. Carmel Waterfalls it has the big waterfall that you can see in the first picture and then it has a rock slide waterfall that you slide down, so fun! Sean, Leia and I were able to do this together while the boys were in school. The hike isn't too terrible for kids but it's been raining a lot here in Grenada so the path was super muddy. The last picture is a coco pod and it is one of my favorite fruits. You suck on the meat around the cocoa bean (it sort of tastes like Starburst ) and then you spit the bean out.

Fort Mathew and Fort Federick

 Over Christmas break we did some sightseeing around the island. One of the places we stopped at was Fort Mathew and Fort Federick. The forts are at the top of a mountain and the views from there are amazing.

Tide Pools

These are the tide pools near our home and it is one of my favorite places to take the kids to.