Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Sean

A little Shake Shack for dinner, yummmm, (the long line didn't even phase us we were ready for it), some New York City sky scrapers on a nice clear day, some Whole Foods dessert section perusing, a little Barnes and Noble shopping, a little Best Buy shopping (The Office Season 5) and the kids safe and snug at our co-op babysitting group (thanks Pilgrim Family), it was a great night!
Happy Birthday Sean we love you sooooo much !

Random Photos of our lives on a day to day basis

Merrick being silly for the camera.

My sad attempt at getting a picture of the boys together this time Memphis was the stubborn one.

This is by far the kids favorite thing to do in our WHOLE apartment. They love to kick everything off the bed (they get especially giddy when I have folded laundry on the bed ready to be put away) they take off sheets kick off the mattress pillow top and jump until they don't think it's funny anymore then they walk away (laughing, I'm sure) as I take a deep breath and begin the picking up process. I think the part that I think is funny is how enthusiastic they are about the whole process and how much real deep down joy it brings them.

Morning Art
A blank sheet of butcher paper to start the day with ahh what could be better?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June in New York

June has been a very busy month so far. Sean and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary on June 6th, then we celebrated Sean's birthday on the 11th, this weekend we will shower Sean with even more love for Father's Day and it seems like we've been celebrating every occasion in the city which always, always puts a smile on my face. So until I can get all of those activities organized and loaded on to our blog I'm gonna give you a little something, something to hold you over. Of course you know that something always pertains to the children, right?

Can't go wrong with a piggy mask from Target.

Train tracks as gun, way to be creative little dudes.

A day at the park, Merrick's quite time activity (face painting- not so quite when he actually starts acting like a tiger) and Memphis waking up from his nap heading straight to my arms for a hug.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why do I even try ?

Some days we like to hang out at home but instead of relaxing the kids put me to work. Just the other day Merrick asked for tacos for breakfast, FOR BREAKFAST what the heck? And on this particular day after slaving in the kitchen to make gingerbread men the boys asked for Homemade Pizza for lunch. I figured why not this way I can have pizza left over for dinner for Sean and the boys will fill up early and then we can head to the park on full stomachs. But as you can see from the picture sometimes pizza sounds fun to make but not always what your really in the mood for. The pizza turned out great but I was trying to watch my figure so I opted for Chili (not sure if it's better?) and Merrick ate a few slices but then wanted cereal. Memphis just played with his pet dinosaur....

Merrick walked away from his cereal then Memphis went in as the clean-up crew. He does this a-lot around here and every time he does it just cracks me up. He just slides abandoned plates towards himself and starts digging in. At some point I should limit his seconds but for now I think I will let him continue this janitorial effort to waste less food in our home. Besides his cheeks are still in the cute category right?

Teach me to draw books

Merrick learning how to draw cartoons from some books we got at the library.

Gingerbread Men

The kids begged me to make some gingerbread men, they are pretty excited about them ever since they started seeing previews of the movie Shrek Forever After.

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam

Merrick at church. He's getting so big.

Just another day in the Donovan Household

Some painting on Duck Canvas to be turned into place mats.

Topped off with some face painting ( Merrick's favorite character is Frankenstein but he pronounces it "Chickenstein"). This is his fierce Frankenstein look.