Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Photos of our lives on a day to day basis

Merrick being silly for the camera.

My sad attempt at getting a picture of the boys together this time Memphis was the stubborn one.

This is by far the kids favorite thing to do in our WHOLE apartment. They love to kick everything off the bed (they get especially giddy when I have folded laundry on the bed ready to be put away) they take off sheets kick off the mattress pillow top and jump until they don't think it's funny anymore then they walk away (laughing, I'm sure) as I take a deep breath and begin the picking up process. I think the part that I think is funny is how enthusiastic they are about the whole process and how much real deep down joy it brings them.

Morning Art
A blank sheet of butcher paper to start the day with ahh what could be better?

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