Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MOMS Club Easter Egg Hunt

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt on Tuesday with the MOMS Club and we had a blast. Merrick found 18 eggs pretty much all by himself. Sean was there for encouragement and to keep him focused (because all Merrick cared about was getting 1 egg, opening it and eating the candy inside of it). Don't my boys look so dapper with their collared shirts and rolled up sleeves? It's sooo their signature style.
Look at all those eggs in that basket! Too bad he did all the work and mom and dad get to reap all the benefits, hahaha.
This is Merrick's super cute, super sweet, best friend, Andrew. He was at the Easter Egg hunt, too. He found 20 eggs, what a champ.
This is Andrew's mama, Brooke, and his little brother Cayden. She gets to reap the benefits of Andrew's hard work, too. Is this at all the same as stealing candy from a baby??? Nah it's totally justified.


Trisha, Curtis and Ashlynn Brantingham said...

The Easter Egg hunt looked like a lot of fun. Merrick got a lot of eggs. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have the great day!

jenibug said...

18 eggs, wow!
I'm so glad that you are happy there and that Merrick has a best friend!

Shawntel said...

Easter Egg Hunt! Aren't you supposed to be focusing on St. Patrick's Day, it is only in two more days, ha ha! Looks like you guys had a great time!