Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Diaper Rash Days

Merrick came down with this pretty terrible diaper rash the other day so I thought we'd let him air it out with no diapers and run around a la nude if you know what I mean. I did it right after he had a dirty diaper so I wasn't worried about him having any accidents but I do think that his new found freedom to be in the nude did go a little to head and made him a little kooky for some reason. He was definitely HAPPY the whole day!
Here he is with his little Elmo doll, trying to cover him up in all of these sticky foam letters. In person it looked like Merrick was giving Elmo a bath in the letters.
Ahh yes then he moved on to mamas shoes. The sad thing is that I had just put these shoes away from the last time he played with them and he found them instantly in my closet and so proceeded to play with them again. The super sad thing is I got these shoes for Christmas and the only person that has worn them EVER has been Merrick.
I didn't catch it on camera but there was a moment when Merrick had the bike helmet on and the zebra print high heels and it was just hilarious. He looked like a stripper! The diaper rash has yet to fully go away but it's getting better and we're semi potty training while his bum heals but he's not too interested in the potty so we'll see where we go from here. By the way no baby yet and I have 6 days left! Yikes.

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Trisha, Curtis and Ashlynn Brantingham said...

Very Cute shoes! they look great on Merrick. Ashlynn has been wearing my shoes around the house lately too. Hope you guys are doing well. Let us know when Memphis comes.