Thursday, May 17, 2012

Annandale Falls

We piled the kids in the car today and made our way to this little beauty right here. This waterfall is called Annandale Falls and it is beautiful. 

 Our three little chipmunks ready for an adventure.

 A view of the capitol city, St. George, on our way out to the Falls.

 Everything is so green on this island.

 A closer view of the waterfall.

 Leia, 13 months, sitting by the waterfall.

 Memphis, 4, Leia 13 months.

Sean jumping off the edge and into the cold, fresh water.

 Us by the waterfall.

 Leia swimming.

 I tried these floaties on her arms right after her first birthday because she would not stay out of the water. Now she's a full fledged swimmer kicking her legs and moving her arms to push her in the direction she wants to go.

Sean and Merrick jumping off the cliff and into the waterfall.

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T-Ray said...

So beautiful, and I love the family picture.