Sunday, March 21, 2010

The BIG 3-0!!!

This is my profile picture at 30 years old. Ya know so that I never forget.

This is my cake's profile picture of 30+ candles ( Merrick and I just wanted to see a lot of candles on the cake).

And this was my birthday cake decorated by the one and only 4 year old that says that I'm beautiful because I have a heart. Of course when he's mad at me he likes to tell me that I don't have a heart like the tinman in the Wizard of Oz. Four year olds are so smart and funny. To anyone else who turns 30 this year have a wonderful birthday and please don't be like me and spend all your birthday money on fabric it's really pathetic!


christy said...

happy birthday patty! hope it was awesome and that you are having a great time. see you soon!

Griffeth Family said...

Happy BIG 30!!! We will have to celebrate it soon with the girls!!

BRIAN said...

oh shoot.. you have to tell me of your bday so i can write it down! Happy SO LATE bday! AHHHHHHHHHH.. i am scuuuurrrred to turn 30. I will have to call you and see how it felt. By the way, your baby is so not a baby anymore.. this is shocking to me too because #1.) I have never met him but he seems A-dorable and #2.) I will be there soon.. with no little baby to hold and snuggle. yikes.
Hope you are all well waaaay over there! love you guys! -Lolly

Michemily said...

Hi! I'm a friend of Tanya Gough's. She told me how cute your kids were and how nice you and your hubby are and directed me to your blog. I love the big picture at the top. Why are you the 3 Fighting Irish?