Sunday, April 5, 2009


I turned 29 last month and had the best birthday ever. I got this great new book and tried a chocolate cake recipe from it right away. Merrick just could not celebrate someone's birthday without a cake. Oh and he also got to blow out the candles after we sang Happy Birthday to him, good fun.

I also picked up some flowers the night before so that we could put them in our planter with the kids. I love reading this book to the boys and we finally got around to planting our rainbow on my birthday. I made sure we got every color.

The boys playing in the leftover dirt with their cars.

I love when they play together it just makes me so happy.

Now whenever I look out our sliding glass doors and see this I can't help but smile. It's the little things in life ya know.


The Ramirez Trio said...

Glad you had a wondeful bithday... Looks like you have been a busy bee

T-Ray said...

LOVE the flowers! I need to plant some! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It looks like life is happy and well for you. I miss you. Hope you can make it out for my wedding in Utah on August 15th! It would be so fun to be with you, Lolly and Cheryl all together again!

MamaRose said...

Happy Birthday Patty!!!