Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let The Games Begin

Do you know when your sweet little child is finally tall enough to reach the light switch and then all of a sudden can't restrain himself from turning on all of the lights in your house and any bathroom fans?

Do you know when your cute little munch kin is finally tall enough to open both locks on your front door and walk out of the house unsupervised?

Do you know when your precious angel is finally strong enough to open the refrigerator door and begins to open the door all the time for milk?

Do you know when that baby you gave birth to begins to climb out of his crib seizing any opportunity you once had of a break during nap time?

Oh Yeah, I'm there!


A Boy and 3 Girls said...

Oh Patty! I can't believe your little guy is getting so big! Ryley still opens the frig till this day, except now she pulls out her own I vowed to get a lock for the frig, who wants their kid eating popsicles at 8 in the morning? AHHHH The things these kids do...throw in some back talk and no listening skills and your set :)))) Okay, the unconditional love, cuddling, hugs,kisses, and their random acts of kindness makes up for it.



Cyndi Donovan said...

I literally could not stop laughing for 5 minutes after reading this entry. Maybe its because I once was exactly where you are now. How did I survive? Somehow we do. Life just keeps getting more interesting, doesn't it? All the more reason to TAKE A NAP WHEN THEY DO. (If they ever do). Keep up all the wonderful things you do for those 2 beautiful babies of yours. Can't wait to see you soon!

Henderson Happenings said...

i got in trouble for all those things this week. guess the battle never ends.