Monday, June 9, 2008

We're surviving

Here are a few things we've been up to this week.
Merrick rolling his own pizza dough. I showed him how to pat it from hand to hand and then throw it up in the air. I caught his throws because they were ALL over the place.

Potty training...yikes...
Cuddle bugs hanging out in bed in the mornings.

Merced Blueberry and Cherry Festival. They had a fort made out of hay, crafts, music, hay rides, river walks and organic blueberries and cherries to pick. Merrick really liked picking the fruit right off the tree and eating it. I must say those were the best cherries and blueberries I've ever had. I've been dying to learn how to can fruits and vegetables so hopefully this summer I will get a chance to do something in that area.

2 month shots. Memphis got 5 shots in his thighs. I don't think he minded the shots as much as he minded the nurses holding him down. My poor little guy.


River Nomads said...

Hi Patty! Bubbs & Chubbs look SO cute :) We just got Memphis's baby announcement - On our fridge now. What a looker! I love chubby babies!!! Just wanted you to know we have a blog now too with blogspot. you can see it under " Love you guys!!

Sean,Patty, Merrick and Memphis Donovan said...

Yeahhh Fawn you've got a blog I'm soooo excited. I'm going to be checking up on you guys so you better keep the info flowing. Congratulations on getting into Colorado I'm super excited for you guys, when do you leave? Talk to you soon.

Danielle and Cameron Hatch said...

patty, you're such a great mom! I love seeing all the fun stuff you do with your little guys. This is our last week in carp so we're getting all geared up for the move and trying to settle in with the little man at the same time, crazy crazy!

A Boy and 3 Girls said...

Your boys are so cute! Merrick and Memphis look soooo much alike! The potty training pic is a classic. I'm glad your teaching Merrick how to cook. He probably had a blast with the pizza dough.


Aaron & Winona Ready said...

Super fun and very cute pictures... Merrick and Memphis are adorable. We sure miss you guys. Hope to see you soon!

Trisha said...

Hey Donovans,
we are now back in AZ looking for a job. We are doing well. What's new with your family?