Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bag Tagged

I was bag tagged by my friend Es so here you go, my life in a nutshell or should I say my life in a purse.
- 4 Diapers ( 2 for each kiddo)
- Cell phone
- Wallet
- SMOG info to get the car smogged
- Coupons
- Mascara
- Lip gloss
- Chap stick
- Visine
- Mirror
- Sippy cup
- Broken braces that need to see an orthodontist
- Nursing cover
- 2 onesies for Memphis
- Storage shed key
- Baby wipes
- 46 cents
- Mini journal
- Playdoh
- Merrick' sunglasses
- My sunglasses
- Thank you cards
- B-day Invitations
- Business Cards
- Nail file
- Library receipt
- Store receipts
- A flyer for a local crop share program

By the way my shoulders hurt all the time but I hate not having everything I could possibly need in case of an emergency so there you go.

Now I get to tag other people:

Fawn JOHNSON (woo hoo), Trisha Brantingham and Lolly Lillard.

Let it all out ladies and don't even think about cleaning it out before you dump it out.


Cheryl said...

Patty this is soo funny! I have to admit that I am impressed by the playdough! That is a great distractor I'm sure!

A Boy and 3 Girls said...

WOW! Patty you have everything but the kitchen sink in your bag! LOL At least your prepared in case of emergency. LOVE IT!


jenibug said...

Nice job! Don't you love being prepared?
I took my purse tag post off, because I'm weird and it seemed too personal after awhile having it on the internet!

Henderson Happenings said...

i don't believe your list, you left out tweezers, you even take those backpacking.