Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween '09

Halloween was so fun this year. The boys had 3 rounds of trick or treating so needless to say I have enough candy to last me through next year's Halloween. When my mom was in town she bought Merrick a Woody costume and a dragon costume which he traded with Memphis (both sized 2T ?) and became a giraffe but you'll see him in these pictures with both costumes.

Our friend Elle who we went trick or treating with during the day. She was Fancy Nancy, Merrick was the giraffe and Memphis was the dragon (which he loved very much).

And here's where they made the costume trade and divided up their candy.


3 Three and Under said...

Loved the costumes, especially the giraffe! Looks like you are having lots of fun in New York! Guess what, I'm working part time at CKE for a month in the benefits department while they are having open enrollment.

T-Ray said...

aahhhhh!!! The giraffe is SOOOO cute! Love it