Monday, November 9, 2009

Memphis gets a haircut

So big daddy said it was time to give Memphis a haircut and I agreed. He has always had beautiful long blond hair and I just hated to waste such good hair on a haircut but I figured it could always grow back, right? (Oh who am I kidding I'm still totally kicking myself)

Here's a before picture of his cute hair.

This is pretty much how he looked all the time since his hair was too long to style (still so darn cute) love him!!!

And here he is, ahh that look just makes me melt, it's as if he's saying "What did you DO????" and those ears, they definitely run in the family.


All five of us! said...

I can't believe how BIG he is! So CUTE and SWEET! I miss you guys! I remember cutting Gavin's hair for the first time so hard! Love ya

The Ramirez Trio said...

Man he is looking more like Merrick. it is always hard cutting the hair. i remember we waited forever..

Mama Rose said...

Oh Patty! He is still sooo adorable :D