Monday, November 30, 2009


The time is just flying over here and I thought it was about time we did a little updates on everyone so here we go:

Sean Donovan (Age 29):
Is happy to report that he is fungus free! :0) Not that he had any funguses or should I say fungi to begin with but last week in lab he had to swipe his butt , feet and I can't remember that last one it could be hands but I thought it was grosser than that and concluded that he was "fungus" free. It was a good day in Sean World.

Patty Donovan (Age 29)
Is working at Kohl's for the holiday season. She has concluded that standing on your feet for 9 hours on Black Friday is not as fun as she thought it would be but she got through it thank goodness. She also was able to rack up on some sweet deals before the store even opened at 4am. Sweet!

Merrick Donovan (Age 3)
Has asked for a dinosaur for Christmas(?) Which one I have no clue but regardless is very excited to start putting up "necerdations" and get this whole Christmas thing underway. He loves to play with Memphis and at night I've been trying to lay them down in the same bed just for a good laugh and tell them to go to bed and they just crack each other up, oh well maybe one of these days they will actually fall asleep.

Memphis Donovan (Age 1)
Would like everyone to know that he does not like Nursery hour at church and would more than anything appreciate it if his parents would stop forcing him to go. We're trying to get him use to it but as soon as we leave he cries so we end up staying in his classroom for 2 hours. I tried taking him into my class yesterday but he was so disruptive it was useless to even try and teach my lesson. On a much happier not though he is talking a lot these days and when he doesn't know how to explain what he wants he just yells at the top of his lungs until you figure out what he wanted which is usually candy. Thank you Halloween!

New York City (Age 311)
Is starting to get very cold. No snow yet but it feels cold enough for rain to freeze so we'll see how much longer we have to wait for that fun, fluffy stuff.


3 Three and Under said...

Sounds like everyone is doing well. We need your new address so we can send you our christmas card
The Brantinghams

T-Ray said...

Thanks for the update. I miss you guys.

The Ramirez Trio said...

Im glad you guys are all doing well. I see why you dont have alot of time to blog. I hope Khol's is treating you well. When do you work? Im guess when Sean is not at school. Thanks for the wonderful update

Mama Ruck said...

loved the funny updates and cute change of address cards!

Mama Rose said...

So glad to hear about Sean getting his butt swiped-lol! Just kidding...really, it's great to hear everyone is doing good. I still have to send you something for your nature table. Ok, next week...promise :D

THE LIZARD'S said...

LOVE the updates!!! and ages.. 29 is so close to 30!!!!!!!!! YIKESSS>. i am right behind you at 28... ugh.. wrinkes and aching muscles... that is what life is about. i want to copy your update idea. so fun!!!