Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sewing Bug

I've got the sewing bug again and it's all for little girl dresses. I've failed to mention over these past five months that we're pregnant with baby #3 and the doctor says he'd put money on it that
it's a girl. I will find out for sure what we're having on Wednesday but for now a MAYBE on the girl is just FINE with me. I love my boys and I will probably have plenty more rambunctious little bambinos in the future but for now a girl will suit our family just fine. I made these little dresses for one of my friends who has two daughters.


Trisha @ 3 Four and Under said...

Congratulations on the little girl! The dresses are so cute!

River Nomads said...

Those dresses are SOOO cute Patty! Your little girl is going to be wearing designer clothing because of your talent!!

Michelle said...

I decided to check your blog today wondering if you were expecting again... congratulations! I hope NY is treating you well!