Monday, March 26, 2007

Where's that California Sun

We are sooo ready for that California Sun but, it just does not want to come out! Merrick is finally old enough to ride on a Wee Ride as you can see, but it's been too chilly to go out so we've just been practicing in the drive-way.
Here's our little guy getting his helmet put on by daddy and grandma.

Here's Merrick swinging in our front yard waiting for that sun to shine down on him.

Today we took Merrick to the park to play with his good friend Ryley.

Here's Ry- Ry letting us know that Merrick got up on the stone alligator all by himself. He climbs anything that doesn't move and will try to climb anything that does move. Especially if you lay down on the floor in front of him and let him dog pile you.


Danielle Hatch said...

ahh! such cute pics! we're definitely going on a bike ride soon.

Danielle Hatch said...

and yes I'm posting comments at 5:52am :) gotta love seminary

Crazy Lifferths said...

Good morning! It was so good to see you post on my blog! I actually found you through Jessy's blog too, so I don't mind that you already linked us...I love blogging! It was good to see your handsome little fella when I was home!!