Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Do you know your way to uh... Merced

Okay, so first things first, here is our new pet or should I say pets. We've been really talking about getting Merrick some kind of pet but we weren't sure how much we could handle so a few weeks ago we decided to get Merrick a Beta Fighting Fish, they are soo cool by the way. After a few days we noticed how lonely he was so we went back and got him a wife which I like to call Fluffy because I think it's hilarious and because she's no where near fluffy but Merrick calls her Baa and the boy fish Waa which we nicknamed Wade (get it) hahaha okay so anyways can you guess what happened with this arranged marriage? oh yeah that's right a ton of little baby beta fighting fishes.
Here we are just hanging out by the fish.
Pop, Merrick and Uncle Bud. If you look really close or actually I don't know if you can even tell in this picture but they all have the same Hewitt ears it cracks me up.
Merrick never smiles for pictures but, if for some reason he does this is all you can get out of him, isn't it hilarious.
This is a glimpse of what our living room looks like. This picture doesn't do it much justice but I think that our place is super cute. Here are my folks and bubby hanging out on a Saturday afternoon.


The Brantingham Family said...

Patty, that's cool that you guys got a fish. I was looking at places to live in that area and noticed that the complex that you live at doesn't accept dogs. Anyway, I'm not sure, but I think someone told me that beta fish kill each other. I don't know....I would just keep an eye on them. It's great to hear from you. We are going to California this Saturday for a whole month. Curtis is able to take a month off, so we are taking it! I think we are going to go up to Tulare and check it out, so we know what's it's like there if we end up moving there. It would be cool to live near you least near someone we know. We like Arizona, but we don't really know a lot of people. Talk to you later.

The Lillard's said...