Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In the corners

I was taking some pictures of Merrick the other day and realized that I haven't shown you, all of you out there, what our "art studio" (dining room) looks like. So without further adieu I'd like to introduce you to our home.

On any given day you can find us in our studio hard at work creating something beautiful to give, to keep or just to pass the time creatively. On this particular day we decided to do a little acrylic with foam stamps on big sheets of charcoal paper (the size you see on the wall behind Merrick).

Merrick has really come into his own with his art and I love watching him grow and learn what he likes and dislikes.

Our wall space is pretty much full. I go back and forth with the idea of taking things down at the end of the year and starting fresh but I just can't seem to take the leap. Merrick started a lot of these when he was 17 months and they're such a huge part of our home it breaks my heart to take them down so I think I'll wait until our next move and then start fresh. Of course by then I'll have double the art to look forward to (Memphis) so my walls won't stay bare for too long.
So many memories with such a special person in my life, just looking at these pictures fills my heart with so much love and joy.

*Merrick if you ever read this please always know that I loved you very much. You were my first unselfish act as a mother and for that I will never be the same

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T-Ray said...

Cute! Love it! Kids art is the best!