Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Family

These pictures are all mix matched (darn you blogspot) so bear with me as I explain. I ordered some super cute peg people from Etsy here for Merrick's birthday and we've been having a great time painting them. Here Merrick is painting their house, it looks like a mansion doesn't it?

Here is our family thus far in front of their home. We have daddy, mommy, mema, Merrick and baby brother.

Here we have mema cartin' everyone around like a chaufer, hahaha.


And here is our little family. Merrick painted some and I painted some and then I tried adding eyes to Merrick's some and well I guess you can sum this piece of artwork up to a group effort. Oh and by the way doesn't Sean's minnie me kind of look like Grandpa Donovan (Steve)? I think so too. Well, I'm hoping to do one for everyone in the family so stay tuned.

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Cheryl said...

Super cute and fun. And Happy Birthday to Merrick. Hope you like being 3! (hope you like him being 3!)