Thursday, March 12, 2009


Merrick wearing th beanie I knitted Sean. He didn't want to take it off which made me happy.

The beginnings of a Quilt Swap for Bits of Goodness Swap group

Pajama bottoms finally completed for Merrick. I of course started these back in October but just got around to finishing them last month.

Oh and let me tell you people I totally skimped on the seam allowance and am super nervous because I'm beginning to see my seam allowance fray and get closer to the stitched area. Merrick already popped through his christmas pair and they are not fixable so word to the wise don't Skimp!

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THE LIZARD'S said...

memphis is SO CUTE!I cant wait to meet him someday..hopefully soon.I like the green beanie alot. yes, the yarn IS beautiful! Glad I got to chat with you the other day! Nice to catch up...