Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A certain someone in the family turned six last Friday and although we just moved to a new country I think we managed to pull off a pretty successful birthday.

First up was birthday presents at 6am. It felt like Christmas all over again.

Birthday boy with bed hair. Gotta love that happy smile.

Then when we opened the front door and saw this beautiful rainbow. I told Merrick that Heavenly Father sent him a rainbow for his birthday, he got such a kick out of that, he thanked him during our morning prayers, funny kid.

Then we ended the night with some cake and ice cream and lots of new friends.

Dearest Merrick,
I can't believe your 6 years old, where did the time go. I know I say that every year but its true I don't know where the year went. We love you soooo much. You are a blessing in our lives. Our family would be incomplete without you. We hope you had a wonderful birthday and can't wait to celebrate many more with you. Lots of love,
Mom, Dad, Memphis and baby Leia

Some things about you
You love Mario Brothers. You are a whiz on the computer. You love going to the beach and playing in the water. You are a wonderful artist. You love Memphis but always ask to be the "boss" of him which of course we always say no to. You want to marry Leia in the Temple of course. You love to say the prayer. You love to scare girls and chase them especially the cute ones. You're strong and smart and confident. You love to read. You still don't like cheese on anything else but your pizza. Your funny. Here's to another year bud. Love you.

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