Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Garden

We started a small garden this year in the backyard and I'm pleased to report that some things are growing. We planted some "beans" not sure what kind, they only said beans on the brown paper bag so they could be green beans, kidney beans, black beans I mean really the possibilities are endless but because they sprouted first before anything else we're really proud of our little mystery beans. I also made some starter plants in this egg carton and so far everything has sprouted except for the habanero chili's. From left to right we have carrots, tomatoes, celery and red beets. We have also been enjoying grape fruit, star fruit, wax apples and a lot of bananas from our yard. We also have coconut (which my landlord calls jelly?), papaya, mango, avocado, oranges and some other Caribbean fruits that are new to me like bread fruit. I really love having access to all this fresh fruit.

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All five of us! said...

Man, you are living the life! Lucky! :) I miss all the fruit we got back in Cali now that were in Colorado :( Your babies are ADORABLE! They are getting very tan! We miss you guys if your ever back in Colorado let us know and we'll get together for a dinner or something! God Bless!