Friday, September 7, 2007

Friends, Floaties and Fun

Merrick has done really well with swimming this summer but now he thinks he can swim all by himself and he just jumps into the water. So, that being a little dangerous we thought we'd try out these floaties and needless to say he loves them. He goes all over the pool with them.

Look at my big boy go.

This is Merrick's newest friend Chloe, she's such a babe.

These are our newest friends, The Robins, they go to our ward and live next door to us.

Elissa and Merrick at breakfast on Labor Day Monday.

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Curtis, Trisha, and Ashlynn Brantingham said...

That is so awesome that Merrick likes to swim. Ashlynn loves to swim too, but she won't wear the floaties yet. I'm jealous that you have friends from your ward that live right next door. Hope you guys are doing well.