Friday, August 24, 2007

Monterey Bay Aquarium

We're trying to get a few things in before Sean starts school on Monday and one of the things on our list was the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was a ton of fun and I think we'll be going to Monterey more often now that we know how close it is.

A shot of the crazy beautiful jellyfish.

Merrick looking at all the fish in one of the big tanks.

Family picture time.

Merrick in the kids section of the aquarium. It was hard to leave this section because he was having so much fun playing with all of the hands on games.


The Brantingham Family said...

We love the Monterrey Aquarium. We've been there before too. Ashlynn loves Aquariums. The Monterrey aquarium is the best one around in California. It's so big. We went to the one in Long Beach during our vacation and it was a lot smaller.

The Brantingham Family said...

Patty, you are looking so thin. You look great.

Vivian said...

cute cute family!

Shaun & Courtni Neff said...

HI - congrats :) :) just got your e-mail out of the pits of my junkmail folder, who knows - lame!!! Sad I missed you when you were in town! I washed shaun's blackberry and ruined his life and so I had to surrender my phone for a while till his new one came... xo

The Lillard's said...

merrick looks like he is getting so big (tall and older). Good thing you already have another baby on the way so they are not too far apart. It will be so much fun for merrick to have a buddy to play with if you have another boy and it will be sooo fun for you to dress her up if you have a girl. WIN- WIN!!!