Saturday, December 8, 2007

Day After Thanksgiving 2007

Sean's family came to visit us the day after Thanksgiving and stayed with us for the weekend. Here's Brandon getting a ride on Merrick's little push cart. He's the only one with thin enough hips to fit in this little thing. Merrick loved every minute of it.

Here's Auntie Meg hanging out on the couch with Merrick.

Grandpa Donovan reading one of Merrick's favorite books to Merrick.

Grandma Donovan and Merrick spending some quality time together.

Merrick loves his little bookcase so he took anybody who would come to see it and then had them read books to him.


deannah said...

Sean's brother looks just like him with long hair!

Trisha, Curtis and Ashlynn Brantingham said...

I'm looking for a bookcase for Ashlynn. We have so many books, we really need one. Where did you get yours?