Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let's try this one more time

Yeahhh, it worked! Here's Merrick modeling one of his birthday presents from Grandma Hewitt. He's looking in the mirror at himself and he's totally loving the Thomas outfit.

Merrick with uncle Dustin. They were so cute together.

One of our many sunny afternoons when we went home to Carpinteria for Christmas break. During Sean's winter break we went back to Carpinteria so that he could work for his dad and make some money. We got to hang out with all of our family and enjoy the nice weather Carp had to offer. Here's Merrick playing in the sand at the Beach Grill at Padaro.


Go, Bishop, Go! said...

Patty, I absolutely LOVE the costume! What a cutie! Thanks for sharing his birthday fun with us! Happy late Birthday to him!

deannah said...

That is one awesome costume. Love his excitement.