Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Merrick's 2nd Birthday

We had a little birthday party for Merrick in Carp with all our family and here he is biting into his cake. Sean taught him how to do this when we made a Gingerbread House back in December and now it's Merrick's favorite thing to do with things that are edible.

Too adorable. His favorite part was the singing and the candle. He really liked blowing it out. I have to say 2 is definitely one of my favorite ages. He's only been 2 for like 3 days but he cracks me up everyday.

One of our cousins works at Baskin-Robins so he got Merrick a Thomas the Train ice cream cake that Merrick really, really liked.

Really liked!

Here we are, just the three of us. In another 8 weeks we'll be kissing our table for 3 family good-bye and saying hello to The 4 Fighting Irish. Yikes!


Vivian said...

Merrick looks so old! Wow I can't believe you are due so soon. Good luck!!

jenibug said...

Hi! I just started a blog tonight. Yours is so cute. I love Merrick's cake face! Sorry we didn't get to hang out with you guys while you were here. When will you guys we coming down again? Hope you are feeling well! :)

deannah said...

What a good way to avoid getting his hands dirty! I can't believe he's 2! How great that you were able to celebrate with family. Are you ready for Memphis?

Shaun, Jessy and Trevor Cheney said...

Look at that hair,it's brown! I can't believe how dark it is all of a sudden. He looks so grown up! Happy Bday Merrick. Can't believe he's two already, time sure flies.