Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow Fun

Our friends invited us up to their cabin this past weekend for some fun time in the snow. I was pretty much useless due to my girth but I did go sledding one or two times and I took a lot of pictures. Here are Merrick and Sean on one of the sleds. Merrick loved going down the hills he kept telling Sean "again, again" and "more, more".

I love this picture. It got pretty warm out there, by the time we were done playing in the snow Merrick had taken off his jacket, beanie and mittens.

What a hard life, huh!

Sean was really working hard to find the tallest of the tall hills and Merrick was pretty much pampered the whole time getting free rides up and down those hills. But in the end, it was all worth it because Sean was Merrick's hero that day and days like that just don't come often enough.

Family Time!!! This was the only picture I got of us, so, sorry it's kind of blurry. I always feel weird asking people to take my picture so I don't do it too often, which is why I still don't have any profile pictures to post (good or bad). But take my word for it I'm pretty BIG. 44 Days to go. Enough said.


jenibug said...

Oh snow! That looks like so much fun!

Go, Bishop, Go! said...

Oh Patty, what fun! We just took Ashby a few weeks ago and she loved it! I love the picture of Merrick in his snow clothes! Kids look so darn cute all bundled up! Wow you are so close now! I really do wish you would post a cute shot of you and your pregnant tummy! I am so glad to see these fun photos!
Luv ya!

Trisha, Curtis and Ashlynn Brantingham said...

Snow is so much fun. I want to move somewhere where it snows. I love the snow, but not too much of it.