Monday, February 18, 2008


I've been sewing up a storm in order to get ready for Memphis' arrival. Here is a hooter hider I made for a friend. It was my first one ever but it ended up being easier than I thought so I'm going to make a few more for some expecting moms and one for myself of course.
Cute little baby blanket with monkeys on it. Merrick picked out the fabric.

Burp Clothes for a new baby girl in our ward.

Here's where Memphis is going to sleep for the first few months in our bedroom. I made this little blanket to go on top of the sheets. I also put Memphis' car seat in the car just to get it off the floor in our apartment but, people keep asking if I've had the baby already so I'm thinking I might need to take it back out. I still have 5 weeks to go but I'm trying to get as much done as possible.


Trisha, Curtis and Ashlynn Brantingham said...

Everything looks great. You did a great job! It looks like you don't need it, but I found a blog that has instructions on how to make a "hooter hider." It has the boning in it. I guess you can get the boning at Joann's. The website is:
Also, I found a website with a crayon roll tutorial it's:
I thought I would share my findings!

Trisha, Curtis and Ashlynn Brantingham said...

P.S. I love the fabrics. Your Joann's definitely has some cute fabrics. I love the cherry fabric.

jenibug said...

Hooter hider? Oh my gosh, I've never heard that before! That's hilarious. Your sewing looks great! I miss doing that.

Go, Bishop, Go! said...

Oh my Patty! How you make me smile. I don't think I have heard that name before! But let me know if you like it. I always just used a blanket with Ashby. Totally awesome, the sewing. I didn't know you had a machine!

deannah said...

Very impressive! You've been busy!